Restaurants & Real Estate November 2, 2022



  • Dakota County – $412,081
  • Washington County – $475,817
  • Ramsey County – $345,970
  • Anoka County – $382,726
  • Hennepin County – $468,667
  • Carver County – $501,714
  • Scott County – $477,169

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The days of 30+ offers on homes and then seeing them off the market in 1-2 days (or 1-2 hours) are gone.  With interest rates on the rise this year we’ve obviously seen a shift in the market.  What does that mean?

BUYERS – You’ll be seeing less competition on your offers, and more power to negotiate.

SELLERS – Even with rates rising, inventory is still an issue so homes are still selling when priced accordingly.

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Well hello again everybody!  Since March was the last time I was able to get this blog out I hope everyone had an amazing summer.  It got to be a pretty busy time in the real estate market, which you’ll never hear me complain about, so unfortunately this had to get put aside for a minute.  Hasn’t really slowed down all that much, but I miss doing this and I’ve had a number of people chime in wondering where I’ve been, so I’m making time again!  Let’s call this the season premiere, or better yet Phase 2 of the Multiverse of Century 21 Foodie Tour!

Simone and I have still been out there finding new gems, and revisiting our favorites.  The latter is what I’m bringing your way today, probably our go-to stop for all things Italian, the combo of fine dining at I Nonni, and the attached deli/market of Buon Giorno.

Our last time here landed on one of the last nice weather days of the year, so we were able to enjoy the patio.  Was actually the first time we’ve been able to get out there, and I had no idea just how gorgeous it was!  A large wrap around back deck along the backside of the building.  W.A. Frost in St. Paul consistently wins various readers choice awards for best patio.  Not to take away from them at all, it’s great, I’ve been there.  But not only does I Nonni give them a run for their money, but I think takes the crown.  Does Frost have a waterfall?  I don’t think so.  Beautiful spot to sit with a bottle of wine and the rotating charcuterie plate, which happened to be our appetizer.  A great selection of Italian cheeses and cured meats.  Can’t beat it!

This is one of those spots though where the menu changes on a regular basis, so what you have this winter might not be there next summer.  Could be the case with my pick, orecchiette pasta with house Sicilian sausage, rapini broccoli, chili, and topped with pecorino cheese shavings.  They didn’t hold back on the heat but the creaminess of the brown butter sauce on the fresh pasta balanced it out perfectly.  The perorino cheese on top added some earthy tones as well.  Very similar in look and texture to parmesan, just not quite as sweet.  Still on the menu but I know is a seasonal dish!

Simone went the seafood route, never a bad road to go at this place.  Super savory squid ink pasta dish with shrimp, clams, mussels, calamari, all topped with a spicy red sauce.  ♪These are a few of my favorite things!

For those looking for something a bit less formal, or perhaps to go?  Attached is Buon Giorno, a fresh deli where chefs are there making fresh pizza, salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes to order.  There are a few tables inside the shop you can eat at, as well as some outdoor seating.  Stole a few pics from their Facebook page below.  Another good spot for you to build your own charcuterie plate with their wide-ranging cheese and meat selections.  And can’t knock the deserts here either.  Been a few times I’ve made the trip here just to grab something to go for the family and had with wine at the house.

I’ll also mention the signs for this place aren’t very prominent, so if you don’t know is there, it’s pretty easy to miss it.  Just off of 35E and Highway 13 in Lilydale, behind the Holiday station.

A large variety here.  If you’re having one of those nights where you know you want something flavorful but don’t know what you’re in the mood for, this is your place.  Steaks, chickens, pizzas, pastas, seafood, veal, veggie inspired dishes, you won’t be disappointed!

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Don’t believe me?  Just ask my wife….

(Simone says) I Nonni is another all time favorite. Jamie and I will stop there for just a glass of wine on the way to a different restaurant for dinner. That is how much we enjoy what they have to offer. You didn’t hear it from me, but if you sit at the bar just for a drink or glass of wine, they send over a hot loaf of bread and extra virgin olive oil for dipping for you to enjoy! They also offer a few appetizers and some of their pizza’s for Happy hour. The food is always very good – whichever season you choose to visit. Reservations will likely be needed, so, find them on Open Table.

One of my favorite things about Buon Giorno is that they make gift baskets anytime you need one for any occasion. Since Sunfish Cellars wine shop moved in, they have a collection of decent wine to accompany many of their house made sauces, pastas, bread and desserts. Put them all together in a small (or large) wine crate they can provide and you have the perfect gift for anyone!