More About Me
I grew up in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. I remember as a child sitting in the backseat while my parents drove around some of the higher end neighborhoods of the Twin Cities, just to look at some of the incredible homes in the area. Along with that, during the spring weekends we would love to tour the Parade Of Homes. I remember thinking how cool it would be to be able to live in a place like this, opposed the apartments we had been in. I guess that's where the love of homes and real estate started.
In my mid 20's I was working with a traveling sales company, which brought me to other parts of the country such as Houston, TX, and then to Cleveland, OH. I found the phrase “there's no place like home” was true to form, and ended up leaving that company and coming back to pursue another love, the music business. Started out small, working with local bands in local venues, but it wasn't long before I was recruited by an artist management company based in St. Paul, which oversees the live performances across the country for many multi-platinum selling artists of the 80's through the mid 90's. I felt very fortunate to have that opportunity as I was a fan of all those bands, and the era (still am actually), long before I had the chance to work with them. That's MY classic rock! After nearly two decades of working with this particular company…yea I got some stories!
But after a 20+ year career in the live concert industry, it's time to put that same passion and energy back into my love of real estate. My wife and I purchased our home here in South St. Paul in 2008 and enjoyed every aspect of the experience. From the personal research of finding homes, to the showings from our realtor, to finding “the one”, and then finally the excitement of hearing “offer accepted!” That is such a feeling of accomplishment, closing on your first home, and I can't wait to help other families have that same feeling!