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  • Dakota County – $387,418
  • Washington County – $490,472
  • Ramsey County – $330,610
  • Anoka County – $375,454
  • Hennepin County – $435,267
  • Carver County – $509,706
  • Scott County – $493,152

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For all sellers out there, with the spring real estate rush just round the corner, now is the perfect time to get rid of all that extra clutter lying around.  Did you get new dishes for Christmas but haven’t thrown the old set away yet?  Maybe a new home office chair and just have the old one pushed off to the side?  Less to carry with you when you go.  And your house photographer will sure appreciate it!


I hope you all have had a great start to the New Year!  So I may have a started a trend last month when I spoke about some amazing food at a killer new brewery in Hopkins.  Just so happens we’re doing the same thing this month, but with a twist.  This months visit brings us to Nouvelle Brewing in Robbinsdale.

They opened in 2019 under the name Pig Ate My Pizza and quickly became one of the twin cities premier pizza destinations.  The original crew that got the place started were former chefs of their sister restaurant Travail Kitchen just down the road.  They were looking to set up a place with a more casual atmosphere compared to the high end upscale vibe you’d find there, and they absolutely succeeded.

In 2022 they rebranded to the name Nouvelle Brewing.  Still the same great team bringing in the food, but did want to put additional emphasis on the tasty beers they create, and typically has 20-25 available on tap or specialty releases at any given time.

The name may have changed but the pizza stayed.  Anything from your traditional meats and veggie options, to some specialty creations you won’t find anywhere else, or maybe even think was possible.  You’ll have to come on down to check it out!  And if you’re not feeling pizza no worries.  While I haven’t had a burger here yet they do look amazing.  And other options like their mussels, wings, various sandwiches, all cooked and served with the perfect beer pairing in mind.

If you’re an adventurous eater though you might want to check out one of their upcoming beer pairing dinners, which is what brought us here last week.  The team put together a six course meal with the theme “Brews & Baahhhhs”, with each course featuring a different cut of lamb (get it)!  I won’t run through every course, that could take a while.  But to shine a light on a few…

Course #1 featured the leg of lamb, done as a tartare, along with a bone marrow spread.  I’m the first to say tartare’s are very hit or miss for me.  Texture can be a bit off-putting, and I’ve had some with not any kind of seasoning at all.  But with the fresh herbs here, a beautiful oil, and some pickled ginger, this was hands down the best tartare I’ve ever had!

Course #3 was the lamb lion & mushroom risotto.  Went back and forth on this but I do think this was my favorite of the night.  This portion of the lamb had a sweetness to it, and when mixed with the richness of the mushrooms the cream sauce, you’ll be wishing for a bigger bowl!

Course #4 their cauliflower brodo creation.  Using the “bits and bones” of the lamb to create the favor of the broth, and also stuffing the cauliflower crevasses with various chucks of lamb and sausage.  Definitely brought the heat, and was a very close 2nd for my favorite of the night.

We do quite a few of these chef tasting menus in various restaurants around the cities, but this one was easily top 3 all time.  If you were interested in checking one out here you’ll need to sign up for their email list as it sounds like that’s the only way he advertises these events.  They sold out quick, I’d say only about 25-30 seats, so it’s a smaller group.  And if not, come check it out for some of the other amazing eats!

Nouvelle Brewing

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Don’t believe me?  Just ask my wife….

We have visited Nouvelle a couple of other times. We usually stop in when waiting for a reservation at Travail and watch as the amazing food is coming out of the kitchen. This beer dinner was very creative with each course expertly paired with the beer. This carefully curated selection of dishes certainly let the chefs shine and I can only imagine that they do the same for their everyday menu. Stop in and get a gourmet dinner without the prices and without having to dress up too much. I would also like to note that the music they play is also very good. We rocked out to some of our 90’s favorites. Very fun atmosphere!